i3wm is a Tiling window manager than has a lot options to custom and low hardware requirements. One most complete guide to i3 in fedora is the amazing Fedora Magazine article “Getting started with the i3 window manager” by William Moreno.

Getting started with the i3 tiling window manager

In my case only want to talk about one custom set of applications than we can use together

sudo dnf install i3 i3status dmenu i3lock feh tmux tilda network-manager-applet

This packages are:

  • i3: Window Manager
  • i3status: Bar of system information
  • dmenu: application launcher
  • i3lock: Screen Locker
  • feh: to set a wallpaper
  • tmux: terminal multiplexer
  • tilda: Customizable Terminal emulator
  • network-manager-applet: Applet to manage network connections

Changing to i3 in GDM:

After configuring the basic of i3, I add the next lines to my .config/i3/config

exec --no-startup-id feh --bg-scale ~/Pictures/fox.jpg # cute wallpaper
exec --no-startup-id nm-applet # network manager applet 
exec --no-startup-id tilda  #tilda terminal emulator


Start tilda for the first time using dmenu $mod + d tilda, and configure as you wish, my particular setup is the next:



and the result: