My first year in the Fedora Project

Yesterday I completed an incredible first year in the fedora project, I noticed it because I was awarded with one badge for it (egg badge).

I arrived a month ago through whatcanidoforfedora, who told me that it was a good idea to go to ambassadors, commops and infrastructure, I tried first in ambassadors and immediately I was kicked :P. being member of any major parts of the fedora project requires a lot of patience and work. that was my first learning about the the project.

Today I’m  member of CommOps, DotNet, Marketing, infrastructure (apprentice) and I’m very happy with it (Ambassadors not yet).

But what have I done all this time? Mainly looking around in some parts of the project, helping with little thinks like wiki editing, scripts for metrics, documenting SOPs, testing the kernel in a lot of machines, and review and vote tags in my dead times. Here the the bar char:


I have learned a lot from this great community and mainly from the most committed people in it. So at this time I have some personal heroes:

  • Kevin Fenzi
  • Justin W. Flory
  • Eduard Lucena
  • Radka Janek
  • James “Ben” Williams
  • Sachin S. Kamath
  • Bhagyashree

They are amazing people (and bunny) and they are a lot more active in the fedora project than I, thanks for be my inspiration


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